Smart Retries for subscriptions and invoices

Using machine learning, Stripe’s Smart Retries tool retries card charges at the optimal time to increase the chance of a successful charge. You can opt in to this setting for invoices on the Billing settings page of your Dashboard.

Smart Retries attempts to retry the customer’s charge up to four times within a customizable period, after which we will no longer automatically retry the charge.

The machine learning system behind Smart Retries uses hundreds of internally computed time-dependent dynamic signals such as “how many different devices have presented this card in the last N hours?” or “how often have we seen this card today?” to analyze a charge. Stripe can then use this information to make intelligent assessments about when to retry a card based on a combination of these factors. Unlike more common rules-based approaches to dunning and card retry logic, Stripe’s system is flexible, responsive, and continuously learning from new purchaser behaviors and transaction features.

Smart Retries is included in both the Starter and Scale tiers of Stripe Billing. To start using Smart Retries, create a subscription.

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