Requirements for administering a Stripe Issuing card program

Marketing & Communications

If you promote your Stripe Issuing card program to your users, your marketing materials must comply with the requirements listed below, as well as UDAP for all program-related marketing and CAN-SPAM for all e-mail messages.  

You must also include the following information in a manner that can be easily accessible by your users:  

  1. A name for your card program (e.g. ACME Corporate Card)

  2. The issuer of the card program as Celtic Bank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank (Member FDIC)

  3. The card type as a Visa Commercial Credit card

You may not advertise Stripe Issuing in any publication, broadcast or internet forum that promotes any unlawful activity or causes reputational concerns for Stripe or our bank partner.

You are responsible for ensuring that employees engaging in marketing or sales activities for your card program are adequately trained on these requirements. Stripe may periodically review your marketing materials to ensure that they adhere to these requirements. You must maintain records of marketing materials and provide copies of these materials within 10 calendar days of receiving a review request.

Additional suggested messaging on key aspects of all Stripe Issuing card programs that you can use in user-facing materials can be found here.

Cardholder Support and Complaint Management

Cardholders must be able to contact a support representative for card-related inquiries and complaints, and representatives must be trained to appropriately respond to these requests. All complaints must be forwarded to within three business days of receipt. For more information on identifying and managing complaints, see our guidelines on complaint management.

Services and Cardholder Agreements

Ensure that you have reviewed our Services Agreement, which contains important terms and conditions for participating in and managing a Stripe Issuing card program. You will need to keep records of your acceptance of the Services Agreement.

All cardholders must accept the applicable User Terms. You must keep records of cardholder acceptance of the terms of service, as Stripe may review these records periodically.