Prices API and existing Checkout integrations

You do not have to make any changes to your Stripe Checkout integration — all of our APIs are backwards compatible. However, integrating Stripe Checkout with the Prices API does offer several benefits.

Here are further details on your options going forward.

1. Keep your current Checkout integration; everything is backwards compatible

You can continue to create new SKUs, plans, or ad-hoc one-time line items, as well as use your current ones, with your current Checkout integration.

Creating SKUs (client-only integration)

You can continue to use the API to create SKUs for the client-only Checkout integration. If you use the Dashboard to create SKUs, the experience has changed slightly. To create SKUs in the Dashboard, go to and click Add product. In the product editor, select One-time product, fill out the details, and click Save product. Use the ID in Checkout.


This editor is only available for merchants that are already using SKUs. If you have trouble creating new SKUs, reach out to Stripe Support.

Creating plans (client & server, client-only integrations)

If you use plans in the client-only or server integration, you can continue to create plans using the API. You can also create recurring prices through the Dashboard and use them with your current integration (see #2 below).

Creating ad-hoc line items (client & server integration):

You may continue to create ad-hoc, one-time line items in your existing Checkout client & server integration. Refer to our API reference to see what parameters are accepted.

2. Keep your current Checkout integration; use recurring prices in place of plans

You may use recurring prices in place of plans with your existing integration.

To create a recurring price in the Dashboard, go to your Products dashboard and click Add product. In the product editor, select “Recurring” when setting the price, and configure the pricing plan. Click Save product to save the product and price, and use the price ID anywhere plans are accepted in Checkout.

3. Upgrade your Checkout integration to fully utilize the Prices API

You must upgrade your integration if you want to:

To fully upgrade your integration, follow our migration guide.