Payment Links FAQ

What are Payment Links?

You can use Payment Links to sell a product or subscription by sharing a reusable link to a checkout page.

Where can Payment Links be used?

Payment links can be embedded into emails, used for simple payment buttons on a website, or shared directly through social or support channels like Twitter, Instagram, SMS, or chat.

What languages does Payment Links support?

Payment Links supports over 25 languages. The locale of the checkout page will automatically match the default language setting of your customer's browser.

Can I use a payment link as a QR code?

Yes, you can turn any payment link into a QR code. Stripe doesn’t offer built-in QR-code functionality yet, but you can paste the link into any 3rd-party QR-code generator.

Can I customize the URL of a payment link?

Stripe doesn’t support the ability to customize the payment link URL, but you can use a 3rd-party URL shortener to redirect to the payment link instead.

What is the cost for using Payment Links?

Payment Links are included in Stripe's integrated pricing. Stripe Billing pricing applies to recurring charges.

How am I notified of a successful payment?

You can opt in to receive a notification after every success payment in your user settings. You can use automation tools like Zapier to automate post-purchase workflows (e.g., adding rows to a spreadsheet, sending an email to a customer).

Can Payment Links be generated via an API?

Today, Payment Links can only be used through the Dashboard. We plan to add API support soon. If you’d like to express interest in managing Payment Links via an API, please reach out to

Can I use Payment Links with Stripe Connect?

Yes! Marketplaces can use Payment Links and split the payment with a connected account. To do so, when creating the payment link, the platform will select "Split the payment with a connected account", and can then choose to split payment by a percentage. This creates a destination charge and the specified percentage is automatically sent to the connected account upon payment collection. We recommend using Express or Custom connected accounts with Payment Links.

Can any user on my Stripe account create and edit Payment Links?

The ability to create and edit Payment Links will vary by user permission levels.

Account Administrators, Developers, and Analysts can create and edit Payment Links. View only users can see Payment Links, but cannot edit or create them. Support Specialists cannot see, edit, or create Payment Links.