Mastercard Installments FAQ

Mastercard Installments enables merchants to leverage their existing Mastercard relationship to accept installment payments from a network of Lenders and Issuers (Installment Program Providers). Apple Pay Later (APL) and SoFi’s Pay in 4 product are both built on Mastercard Installments. More information on APL can be found here. There is no integration work required to accept Mastercard Installments for merchants that already accept Mastercard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mastercard Installments available?

Mastercard Installments is currently available to merchants in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Germany. In addition to the categories of businesses restricted from using Stripe overall, the following categories are prohibited from accepting a Mastercard Installments virtual card.

How is Mastercard Installments accepted?

With the exception of Canada and Australia, Mastercard automatically enrolls merchants into Mastercard Installments making Mastercard Installments on by default.

How do I disable Mastercard Installments?

If you do not want to accept Mastercard Installments payments, you can make a support inquiry to request “opt out” via using the subject “MC Installments Opt Out” or going to this link directly to request “opt out”. This process may take 1-3 days to process. Opting out of Mastercard Installments also opts you out of Apple Pay Later and any other installment programs built on Mastercard Installments such as SoFi Pay in 4.

Am I able to rejoin the program at a later date?

Yes, you can rejoin Mastercard Installments at any time by [requesting “opt in” via using the subject “MC Installments Opt In” or going to this link directly to request “opt in”.

What are the costs associated with Mastercard Installments?

Mastercard installments will be charged according to the same fee structure applicable to your Mastercard card charges and surcharging is not permitted. For businesses on a blended rate, there is no impact to fees as Stripe will apply the same rate as card transactions. For businesses on IC+ pricing, network card fees may apply depending on merchant category code and location of the business. For more details please contact your Stripe representative.

What are the benefits to Mastercard Installments?

Mastercard Installments allows consumers to split a purchase into four interest-free installments over six weeks, while businesses are paid in full upfront (minus fees). You can find more information here.

Are recurring payments supported with Mastercard Installments?

Any program built on Mastercard Installments programs cannot be used for a recurring payment. If a buyer attempts to purchase a recurring product or service with their approved Mastercard Installments virtual card, it will be declined.