Is Stripe available in Australia?

Stripe is now available in Australia! You can get started here.

All our standard docs and features apply.


To learn more about our pricing in Australia, view our pricing page.

Supported Cards and Currencies

As of today, businesses using Stripe Australia can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express transactions. You can choose to accept payments denominated in 100+ currencies.

Stripe Connect

Additionally, if you’re creating a marketplace, store builder, invoicing system, or anything else that helps users get paid, you can use Stripe Connect to let your users accept credit cards instantly by having them connect their Stripe account.

We’re currently testing the next iteration of Stripe Connect in private beta. The new Stripe Connect gives you, among other things, the ability to transfer funds received from credit cards to third-party bank accounts in any country supported by Stripe, while you fully own the seller experience. Please [contact us](mailto:// if you want to give it a go. We’re regularly inviting people who express interest as we continue polishing the beta.

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