Invite an owner to complete beneficial owner verification process

What if I don’t have all of the required information for a beneficial owner to submit my account application?

When you’re completing your account application, you may find that you don’t have all the information that’s being requested for one of your owners. In that case, you can invite the owner to your Stripe account so they can complete the verification process themselves.

Inviting a beneficial owner to complete their information

Make sure you’ve submitted your account application before inviting beneficial owners. You can add beneficial owners to your team with an Administrator role, which will enable them to access your Stripe account and provide their ownership information. You can learn more about how to invite users to your team here.

Once a beneficial owner has joined your team, the following information should help them complete verification.

Filling out my information as a beneficial owner

First, know that the information you provide is secure and only visible to other administrators and the owner of this Stripe account. Your tax ID or passport number is not visible to anyone.

How to complete your information

  • Navigate to the Owners page under Business settings
  • If you’re already listed as an owner, click “…” > Edit to update the entry directly
  • Otherwise, click Add business owners and provide your information

Handling verification issues

If we are unable to verify your identity automatically, we will request that you upload an ID document. You can upload the ID document right inside the dashboard.

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