Integrating JCB payments on Japan-based Stripe accounts

Stripe users in Japan can accept payments made with JCB cards.

We are automatically enrolling all new Stripe users into JCB. Existing users and Connect users may need to take additional steps in order to enroll their accounts into JCB. Most Stripe accounts will be ready to process JCB cards in 3 business days after enrollment but in some cases this could take up to 3 weeks.

New Stripe users

If you are a new Stripe user, you will automatically be enrolled to process payments using JCB.

Existing Stripe users

If you have an existing Stripe account, you will see the option to activate JCB in the Payment Methods section of your Dashboard. To begin the activation process, click Activate. If you do not see a button, that means that Stripe has already submitted your information to JCB.

JCB may require additional information about you or your business to complete their review. If this happens, Stripe will reach out to you via email.

Stripe Connect platforms and connected accounts

See: Accepting JCB payments as a Connect platform or connected account

After approval

Once you or your connected accounts are enrolled, you will want to take additional steps to ensure that your integration is set up to accept JCB cards.

Update your checkout page

Ensure that your checkout page is appropriately set up to accept JCB cards. For example, if you previously added any manual logic on your side to block JCB cards, you will want to remove them.

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