Change the email address that emails from Stripe are sent to

Includes help on how someone other than the account owner can receive payment confirmation emails.

There are a number of ways you can change the email address to which Stripe email notifications are sent:

  • You can change the owner of the account by following the directions here. This will also change the email address that you use to log in to your Stripe account.
  • If there are other people you’d like to receive an email when a payment is successful, you can add them as team members by following these instructions. They can then choose to be alerted about successful payments as shown here. Any team member with administrative or read and write capabilities will be able to request that they be emailed when a payment is successful.
  • You can set up forwarding on your mail client to send certain emails from Stripe to other email addresses. For instance, Gmail will allow you to do this by following these directions.
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