GrabPay Availability and Getting Started

A. Getting Started

Once you successfully complete account activation, you will see GrabPay enabled for your Stripe account, and you can start accepting GrabPay payments via the Payment Intents API or Stripe Checkout.

Merchants in Singapore (SG) and Malaysia (MY)

Standard Connected Accounts or Users not using Stripe Connect should already have GrabPay enabled.

SG Platforms with SG Connected Accounts

MY Platforms with MY Connected Accounts

Platforms outside SG and MY, with SG AND/OR MY Connected Accounts

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B. Market Availability

For country and currency availability, please refer to:

For the latest on local pricing on GrabPay, please refer to:

GrabPay follows the Restricted Business Lists set by Stripe in Singapore and Malaysia

For transaction limits by country and GrabPay wallet type, please refer to:

C. Feature Availability

GrabPay is currently not supported on Stripe Billing and recurring payments. For users accepting charges via Shopify, WIX, WooCommerce, and other Stripe Partners, please check with these Partners directly if they support GrabPay.

For the latest on feature availability, please refer to the Payment Method Properties section here: