Earning rewards with the Stripe Corporate Card

Payment Processing Bonus

After you spend your first $5K on the Stripe Corporate Card and pay your statement balance for those purchases, we will waive the fees for future card payment processing associated with your Stripe account (or, for Interchange-Plus pricing users, issue a statement credit) for up to $50K in card transactions processed through Stripe within your first year after accepting the Payment Processing Bonus. This fee waiver (or statement credit, as applicable) will only be available to you for one year from the date that you accept the Payment Processing Bonus in the Stripe Dashboard. If you process less than $50K in card payments through Stripe within the one-year period, your Payment Processing Bonus will not carry over. Additionally, the fee waiver/statement credit only applies to network fees for card processing. The fee waiver/statement credit does not apply to disputes, reversals, or fines assessed to your Stripe account, or fees for non-card processing. Please contact us at support-card@stripe.com with questions.

Cash Back

How to earn cash back rewards:

You will earn 1% cash back for all spend, which will immediately appear in your Pending Rewards balance. Your Pending Rewards balance will move to your Available Rewards balance when your billing cycle closes.

You will earn 2% cash back for your top two categories of spend and any bonus cash back earned on eligible purchases with our partners in your Available Rewards balance after your billing cycle closes.

We will automatically apply your Available Rewards balance as a credit on your statement each month. You can turn off automatic credits and choose when to apply your Available Rewards balance as a credit for a future statement by changing your settings.

How categories are determined:

You can earn unlimited 2% cash back on your top two categories of spend, whatever they may be. We determine the category of a particular purchase by the category code assigned to the merchant by its bank or processor. Similar category codes are grouped together to ensure that you get 2% where it matters most. For example, eating places, fast food restaurants, bakeries, and drinking places are all grouped into a single “Restaurants” category. You can see our category groupings below. You can earn 2% cash back on any categories, including those that are not grouped below.

Category Group Categories
Airlines Airlines, Air Carriers
Airports, Flying Fields
Books Book Stores (e.g. Amazon Retail)
Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers
Gas Stations Automated Fuel Dispensers
Service StationsFuel Dealers (Non Automotive)
Grocery Stores Grocery Stores, Supermarkets
Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
Ground Transportation Taxicabs/Limousines (e.g. Lyft, Uber)
Parking Lots, Garages
Passenger Railways
Tolls/Bridge Fees
Bus Lines
Truck/Utility Trailer Rentals
Car Rental Agencies
Recreational Vehicle Rentals
Hotels Travel Agencies, Tour Operators
Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
Marketing Services Direct Marketing - Subscription
Direct Marketing - Other
Direct Marketing - Catalog Merchant
Direct Marketing - Combination Catalog and Retail Merchant
Direct Marketing - Inbound Telemarketing Merchants
Direct Marketing - Insurance Services
Direct Marketing - Travel
Professional Services Professional Services
Consulting, Public Relations
Legal Services, Attorneys
Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
Restaurants Eating Places, Restaurants
Fast Food Restaurants
Drinking Places
Software Computer Software Stores
Miscellaneous Business Services (e.g. AWS)
Computer Programming
Computers, Peripherals, and Software
Computer Network Services
Information Retrieval Services
Transportation Services Courier Services
Motor Freight Carriers and Trucking