Domain Verification During Stripe Account Application


What does it mean when Stripe asks me to confirm my domain, and how can I do it?


Stripe might need to confirm ownership or control over the website that was submitted with a Stripe account application. If this is necessary for your account, Stripe will send you an email on your website’s domain with a link you will need to click on, as well as a dashboard notification that says:

“To verify your control over your domain, we need to confirm that you can receive email at [your website]. Get started.

Clicking on Get started will allow you to send an email to an email address on your website’s domain. You will not be able to send an email to any other domain: if your website is, then you cannot verify its ownership by sending an email to an email address.

If Stripe is asking you to confirm your domain ownership and you are not able to receive email on your website’s domain, let us know and we can look into alternative ways to verify that you own your website. If you are not able to verify that you own the website linked to your Stripe account, Stripe may need to pause your transfers until this is resolved