Customer withdrawal of a dispute

If your customer agrees to cancel and withdraw their dispute:

  1. Upload evidence for the dispute in Stripe and click “save for later.” 
    Even though the customer has stated they’re withdrawing the dispute with their bank, it is still crucial to upload evidence appropriate for the dispute reason in Stripe. This will offer protection in the event the customer changes their mind, forgets to reach out to their bank to withdraw, or any other complication that may arise and leave an uncontested dispute – anything uploaded and saved will be submitted automatically if the evidence submission window closes before the withdrawal is fully processed.

  2. Customer must notify their bank. 
    In order to start the withdrawal process for a dispute, the customer must notify their bank that they wish to withdraw or drop the dispute. Upon formally withdrawing the dispute, the bank will re-charge the customer for the disputed charge amount and provide a letter of withdrawal, typically via mail within 7 business days. If they don’t receive a physical letter, the customer should get a notification electronically either via email or in their associated banking account online.

  3. Retrieve proof of withdrawal. 
    Ask the customer for a copy of the letter of withdrawal or a screenshot of the re-billing as it appears on their statement once they have it.

  4. Add the letter or proof of re-billing to your uploaded dispute evidence. 
    Upload the evidence in the Dashboard as evidence for the dispute and submit. If the evidence submission window is closed, skip this step.

  5. Let Stripe know. 
    Once all of these steps are completed, let us know and we will attempt to close the dispute early. If you were unable to upload the proof of withdrawal as dispute evidence in step 4, attach it to your email. Note that it’s not always possible to close disputes early, but we will do what we can and keep you informed.