Crypto supportability and availability by region

Stripe offers varying levels of supportability for businesses in the crypto ecosystem, according to use case and region. During the onboarding process, businesses must provide additional documentation and receive explicit approval before using Stripe. Use case and payment method supportability can also be limited due to the changing landscape of crypto regulations.

The crypto ecosystem and its regulatory outlook continue to evolve rapidly, and our feature availability for businesses in the space varies by region and use case. We continue to work with regulators and financial partners to expand our supportability, but in the meantime please refer to the information below for our current product availability.

Supported crypto use cases on Stripe

If you are interested in using Stripe for a supported use case, please get in touch. During the onboarding process you will be asked to provide additional documentation about your business and will need explicit approval before you can start using Stripe.

Use case


Accepting fiat payments for cryptocurrency purchases

Americas: United States
Europe: European Union, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland
Asia Pacific: Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, (Japan for NFT use cases only)

First-party NFT sales
Minting and selling your own NFTs

Same as above

NFT marketplaces
Helping third parties mint and sell NFTs on your platform

Same as above

SaaS platforms offering NFT solutions
Building NFT solutions, such as NFT checkout components, as a service

Same as above

Crypto payouts
Paying recipients in crypto

US platforms can pay recipients out in USDC. For additional information around prerequisites, see the Crypto Payouts Documentation.

Crypto payments
Accepting crypto as a payment method

Currently in development. Interested merchants can fill out this form to be express interest in accepting crypto as a payment method in the future.

Supported payment methods

Due to the dynamic nature of crypto regulation we might not be able to support every specific use case, payment method or country, even if the supportability criteria above are met.