Can Stripe Atlas incorporate my company in another state or country?

Atlas currently only supports incorporating your company in Delaware but we are planning to add support for non-U.S. locations in the future. For a little background: most Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups (including Stripe!) choose to incorporate in Delaware. It’s the only state to have a separate business court system–the Court of Chancery–which means that any legal issues can be ruled on quickly, by judges who specialize in corporate law. Many investors also prefer to invest in Delaware corporations for these reasons.

Although the U.S. is the first incorporation hub Stripe Atlas supports, we plan to expand the program and offer entrepreneurs the option of incorporating in other regions around the world. We’re eager to work with banks, government agencies, and others who can help us offer incorporation and banking services in non-US locations. Email if you’d like to help us bring Atlas incorporation to your country.

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