Billing customer portal

The Billing customer portal is a Stripe-hosted product which enables your customers to update payment methods, manage invoices, manage subscriptions, and view their payment history. This feature is available for paid Billing users.

Accessing the Billing customer portal

Many businesses started using Stripe Billing before it became a paid product. Today, rates start at 0.5% on recurring charges and 0.4% for one-time invoices after the first free 25 invoices monthly.

Some new features, such as the customer portal, are only available to paid Billing users. If you do not have access to this feature and would like to start paying for Stripe Billing, please contact us. You can try out the customer portal in test mode before paying.

Setting up the Billing customer portal

To learn more about how to set up your customer portal once you have access, check out the integration guide here. To learn about how to use the customer portal for invoicing, check out this guide here.


Can a customer create a new subscription through the Portal?

No. Customers are only allowed to update or cancel existing subscriptions, not create entirely new subscriptions. You can create subscriptions through the API or with Checkout before redirecting to the customer portal.

Why can I only cancel a plan in the customer portal even though I have set up my configuration to enable updating it?

We have detected that this plan is not one that is supported by the portal for updates (see limitations). As a result, we can only support cancellation for this subscription.

Can I allow my users to cancel their subscriptions but not update them?

Yes. To do this, toggle the setting to allow your users to cancel their subscriptions here.

Make sure they cannot change their subscriptions (if you only want to give them the ability to cancel). Reminder: you still need to add a return URL and your ToS and Privacy links.

Is there a no-code option for the Customer Portal?

Yes, you can activate a no-code link to the Customer Portal by following the steps described here. This link can be useful to embed in your website, or to send to customers on a one-off basis to let them update their payment method information and manage their subscription.

What Payment Methods does the Customer Portal support?

You can find a full list of the supported payment methods, as well as any country-specific restrictions, in our docs.

What if my customer attempts to delete their Payment Method while they have an active subscription?

If your customer has an active subscription the portal requires them to maintain at least one payment method for that subscription to charge. If they’d like to change their payment method, they’ll need to add a new one before deleting the existing one.

Can I create different Customer Portal configurations for different sets of customers?

This is only possible via the API, where you can pass the specific configuration ID you’d like to display to your customer when creating the portal session. If you’re using the Dashboard, then you can only configure one default configuration.

Can I add custom text to the Customer Portal?

It’s not possible to add custom text to the Customer Portal, but you can configure how the portal is branded in your Branding settings.

Does the Customer Portal support custom domains?

Yes. To learn more about how Stripe hosted surfaces work with custom domain, read the documentation here.

I cannot add a product to my portal, I got an error message - what’s wrong?


If you see the error message above when trying to add a product to your portal, it is because you are trying to add the same product, with the same interval and currency as the one already added to the portal.

You can have the same interval and currency if the product is different, but if the product is the same, then you can only have up to one of each interval and currency.

You can read more about this in our best practice guide to create products here.

Does the Customer Portal support “pausing” subscriptions?

No. The Customer Portal does not support allowing a customer to pause a subscription.

Does Stripe support pausing subscriptions in the Dashboard or API?

No. The payment collection of a subscription can be paused via the Dashboard or the API, but the subscription status will not transition to “paused.”

What’s changing on March 29, 2024?

Your customers will no longer see a  “Pause Plan” button in the customer portal. 

If you had previously enabled the “pause subscription” feature in the customer portal’s settings, the Customer Portal’s settings will still have an option to enable/disable resuming payment collection for subscriptions with paused payment collection in the Customer Portal until August 1, 2024.

How do I determine which subscriptions have their payment collection paused?

Subscriptions that currently have payment collection paused can be found in the Dashboard by using the “Filter” button in the upper-right, selecting a “Collection status” of “Collection paused”, and clicking the “Done” button. 

You can export a CSV of these subscriptions by clicking the “Export” button. These subscriptions can also be found in the API by examining subscriptions with a non-null value for pause_collection.behavior

Is the Customer Portal Configuration API changing?

If you had previously used the pause subscription feature in the customer portal, you’ll still be able to pass `features.subscription_pause` when creating a Customer Portal configuration. 

However, it will only toggle if the customer can resume payment collection for a subscription in the Customer Portal. It will not enable customers to pause payment collection in the Customer Portal. 

Additionally, the API parameter will be completely removed by August 1, 2024. At that point, passing the features.subscription_pause parameter will return an error. 

Any integration leveraging this parameter should be updated prior to August 1, 2024 to avoid seeing errors.

When will customers no longer be able to resume payment collection in the Customer Portal?

For users who had previously enabled “pause subscription” in the Customer Portal, their customers will no longer be able to resume a paused payment collection for subscriptions in the portal starting August 1, 2024.

What if I need a solution to allow customers to pause subscriptions before Stripe supports subscription pausing?

Today, your only option is to disable payment collection via the Dashboard or API directly and provision your services based on the pause_collection field when the customer subscription updated webhook is sent. The subscription status will remain active, so you will need to manually track whether services should be continued or suspended for those customers.