Addressing card testing quickly

Card testing should be addressed as quickly as possible for the following reasons:

  • Ecosystem health: Card testing is an area of abuse that is extremely sensitive for both Stripe and our financial partners. Stripe, as well as our partners (issuers and acquirers), are under a lot of pressure to minimize card testing because it directly correlates with future fraudulent activity. Many large fraud rings around the world have been linked to card testing attacks (not necessarily on Stripe).

  • Fraudsters will return: Once a fraudster finds an unprotected payment form, they will likely return to card test at a later date.

  • Disputes and refunds: Card testing usually occurs at such high velocity that some charges are likely to be successful. These charges appear on end customer’s bank statements and are often disputed. As the business owner, you are responsible for refunding these charges and for any fees associated with the disputes.

  • Processing fees: If you are on an IC+ pricing plan, you will incur fees from these charge attempts.